Which is your favourite couple on Home and Away?

Some of these couples have broken up already, but I decided to include them anyway. Who’s your fave?

Please comment if I’ve left someone out 🙂


Hilarious (banned) Pepsi ad and Poll

Who do you prefer?

I used to love these girls, but now my opinion of them is really starting to change. Why do they get to meet every single celebrity out there when they are too young to really appreciate it properly?! I think it’s sooo unfair. I know it sounds silly but I admit, I’m jealous of two FOUR year olds. So. Who do you prefer: Sophia Grace or Rosie? (FYI, Sophia Grace has brown hair and Rosie is the blonde one)

One Direction- Normal or Reversed?

Found the reversed video on Youtube: What do you think? Do 1D sound better normally or reversed? Personally I think it sounds like they’re speaking Spanish in the reversed version 😉