Oh God. Haven’t posted in a month…

Anyway. I was on Band of the Day, a great app I have on my iTouch. It does what its name suggests, i.e. every day they introduce you to a new band/singer [most if not all of them are up-and-coming artists, not Justin Bieber or One Direction etc] by giving you their bio, showing some video clips and playing some of their songs for you to hear. It’s an amazing [free] app which has introduced me to many of my favourite bands and singers. So, I was flicking through it the other day reading about Pacific Air [an awesome band who are currently on repeat as I write this], and, like in all free apps, an ad popped up. Normally I just ignore the ads and click out of them, but this one seemed interesting… It was an ad for 8tracks, an ‘internet radio’ where people can create playlists of their favourite music for others to listen to. So I went and checked it out, and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. You choose from a number of tags on the homepage, such as ‘indie’ or ‘morning’ or ‘study’ or ‘mashup’ and then you choose another one, to do with the mood of the music you want to hear, e.g. ‘happy’ or ‘peaceful’ etc. It then brings up a list of all the playlists people have made and tagged with one of the tags you chose. Then you choose one that sounds interesting and off you go! It plays the songs right there for you, and gives you the name and artist and links to buy the song of iTunes if you want to.

It’s a super website [there’s also an app], which provides you with new music for free [just once you have WiFi or an internet connection :P]. Here’s a link to the website: http://8tracks.com/ , try it and enjoy! [You’ll thank me ;)]



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