Fact: In most Nordic countries it is legal to trespass, camp, fish and pick berries on private lands

The Nordic countries certainly do a lot of things right. Finland and Norway, for example, both have free post secondary education and health care. The “freedom to roam,” or “everyman’s right” is something also popular in some of these countries. Freedom to roam is the right of the general public to access private and public lands for recreation and exercise.

Freedom to roam has had a history throughout many European countries, where it’s believed that it was once a common norm. Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden all still maintain this freedom. Today, you can go boating on privately owned waters, stay for a few nights on someone’s land, even pick flowers.

Of course, the responsibility that comes with it is the obligation to not harm any wildlife or crops, as well as the obligation not to litter. There are other restrictions, most of which fall into the common sense category, like not starting fires, not making too much noise, and (generally speaking) never outright living on someone’s property.

I’m not sure if this is cool or weird…


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