“The World I lived In”

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“The world I lived in.”


Hello Everyone! This is a poem I wrote for my School Paper’s annual literary folio and this is my contribution. I was meaning to write an essay actually but it ended up “accidentally” rhyming with each other so I decided to make it a poem :)


“The world I lived in.”

Welcome to the 21st century.
Where beauty is measured on your skin texture and color.
Weighed between the number of pounds on the scale and the measure tape on the flab.
Seen at the amount of chemicals and pollutants used for our strands and glands.

If you understand then you belong in my time.
Where artificial rules out natural.
The true in beauty lay forgotten.
Beneath bottles of image and capsules of criticism.
Powder dusts of what people say and a blush of what people think.
Lips smeared with squeals of delight upon a towering pair.
Eyes lined with starlight to a fabric of delight.

My generation isn’t blinded by civilization. But by the fashion of my murdered nation.
Stabbed in their minds the words of the future.
Values which are left at the enclosure.
Like a deer hunted, we can run but we can’t hide.
Mark my words will haunt us.
Because this is the world we lived in.


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