If Jesus had a Twitter

What if Jesus had a Twitter account?

This clever clip tells the story of Easter through Twitter.



Worst excuses for not having homework

  • My goldfish ate it.
  • I couldn’t find anyone to copy it off
  • There was no toilet paper…it was an emergency!
  • My parents died and their last will was for me not to do my homework.
  • I am like Cinderella. My homework melts and vanishes at the stroke of midnight.

Hope this has inspired you 🙂

Or maybe better not.

Avicii Levels Trad Remix!

This sounds slightly dodgy, but it’s actually really clever. Just be thankful that he didn’t sing the “Ooh, sometimes, I get a good feeling… yeah” part in Irish…

For those of you who don’t know the original song, I posted it under the Trad version. Just beware, the official music video (which is what I put up) is a little bit disturbing, as you will see for yourself. The dance moves are fab, though. Enjoy!

Hilarious (banned) Pepsi ad and Poll

September 16th is the most popular birthday in America!

Public health record indicate that birthdays in America are for the most part evenly distributed throughout the year, yet for some reason September 16th has more children born than any other day!

Why is this? There tend to be more births in September and October because there is a holiday season nine months prior and the longest nights of the year in the Northern Hemisphere fall nine months before those two months.

Also, based on Harvard research on birth records, December 25th is the least common birthday!