Monte Carlo

I went to see the movie Monte Carlo in the cinema at the weekend. I thought it was really good and I really enjoyed it! I would really recommend it. It stars Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Corey Monteith (from Glee). It is about three friends, called Grace, Emma and Meg who go to Paris from Texas for a week on holidays. They lose their tour bus and in a huge rain shower come across a really fancy hotel. In the hotel, Grace (Selena Gomez) is mistaken for a rich teenager who looks exactly like her, whose name is Cordelia (Cordelia is also played by Selena Gomez). Grace, Emma and Meg are all whisked off to Monte Carlo in Monaco, where they have the time of their lives until everything goes horribly wrong…

watch the trailer here 🙂


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